Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long is the lease term?
A: All the leases will be approximately 1 year.

Q: Is the deposit per person or per property?
A: The deposit is per property.

Q: Do you lease by the bedroom or by the property?
A: We lease by the property only. What that means to our tenants is that everyone on the lease will be jointly liable for the lease.

Q: When is the move in and move out date?
A: The lease runs from early June to the last week in May.

Q: How far are you from campus?
A: The University of Delaware Campus virtually surrounds our property. The new Fine Arts Complex is conveniently located directly across Amstel Ave.

Q: Can we sublease our apartment for the summer?
A: We do not get involved with subletting; therefore, regardless of any arrangements you make, you will be fully responsible for the lease terms.

Q: Can we each send separate checks for our rental?
A: No, as per all of our lease agreements each group of tenants must submit one check each month for rent.

Q: What are the utility bills like?
A: Our tenants pay their utility bills directly so it is very difficult for us to say what your
average utility may be. The best way to find out is to use our “Helpful Links” page and contact the various companies regarding the specific properties, they should be able to give you an annual average.

Q: Do I get a late charge if my rent is on time but my roommate has not contributed his/her portion of the rent?
A: Each property is assessed a late fee as a unit. If one person in a group of tenants is late the entire group is considered to be late.

Q: So I WANT ONE of the Townhouse Apartments…what do I do???
A:First: Get your roommates together.
Second: Each person download an Application, fill it out completely and accurately.
Third: Submit it to Amstel Associates by mail at P.O. Box 705, Landenberg, PA, 19350.
Fourth: We’ll contact you ASAP.

Contact Amstel Square by Email Amstelassociates@comcast.net

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